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Hypnosis FAQ

1. What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of inner absorption, concentration and focused attention. This altered state of consciousness is like using a magnifying glass in the sun- when the rays of the sun are focused they are more powerful. Similarly when our mind is concentrated and focused, we are able to use more of our potential and more of the power of our mind. In a sense learning hypnosis is the ultimate in a self-control skill, rather than being out of control. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. The therapist does not control the client or put him under, but rather coaches the client in how to go into a trance and makes suggestions that may be helpful.

2. Can I be hypnotized?

Everyone can experience hypnosis to some extent. A few individuals are naturally talented at all the phenomena of hypnosis, but most of us are talented at some, OK at some, and unable to experience one or two of the phenomena of hypnosis. Fortunately even if our talents are limited, most work is done at a light to medium level of trance.

3. What can hypnosis be used for?

Hypnosis can be a powerful tool in psychotherapy; in overcoming compulsive eating, smoking and other habits and addictions; It be used in pain management, stress reduction and self healing. There are limitless other possibilities.

4. How will Hypnosis make me feel?

All of us have experienced trance many times, but we seldom recognize it as hypnosis. For example becoming so absorbed in a book, TV show or movie that we tune every thing else out, we can come out any time we want, but it’s so pleasant we want to stay for awhile. Or while driving we suddenly realizing that for while we were so absorbed that we had no awareness of driving. There is no loss of control, surrender of will or domination by the hypnotherapist.

5. Can hypnosis be harmful?

Since the ability to go into a trance is a natural ability all of us possess; hypnosis has none of the side effects of medications or invasive medical procedures. Even if we are deep in a trance, We all have an internal protector that prevents us from doing anything that is not in our best interest. When hypnosis is facilitated by an ethical licensed health care professional, with adequate training there is little chance of harm.

6. Is Hypnosis recognized by the Medical profession?

The American Medical Association endorsed hypnosis as an acceptable method of treatment in1958. The American Psychiatric Association endorsed Hypnosis in 1961 and the American Psychological Association created a specialty division on hypnosis in 1969.

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